Male Neurofeedback Client Age 45:

“I started after a family member of mine recommended I try Neurofeedback for my debilitating anxiety. Her comprehension of what I was going through helped me to trust her and trust the process of neurofeedback. Within about 5 sessions, I started noticing my symptoms of overwhelm, negative thinking and tightness in my chest begin to dissipate. Over the course of 30 sessions, we were able to eliminate my feelings of anxiety to a point that I do not stress about little things that once created a panic feeling in me. I am able to conquer my day with ease and confidence. I’m so grateful to neurofeedback for helping me improve my quality of life and the quality of care I give to my work, but especially to my family.”

Female Neurofeedback Client Age 18:

“I first met while in search of a talk therapist, and was pleased with our setup for several months. I had been suffering from anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder, and was getting through the last of my senior year in high school, about to leave for college, which is why eventually suggested neurofeedback therapy for me. She explained that it was a more practical, natural, cost effective alternative to medication, and that could rid me of my mental health issues, rather than repeatedly abate the symptoms. Once I had gotten a brain map done, I started the neurofeedback sessions and was surprised by how quickly the results came in; I was gradually becoming more focused, less prone to falling into depressed moods, and more able to handle my emotions and impulses. My self esteem, which had once been crippled and the fuel for my anxiety and depression, progressively grew and became more and more solid. Today I feel more mentally healthy than I have in a long time, and confident about embarking upon a new journey in my life, and I owe it all to and neurofeedback therapy.”

Female Neurofeedback Client Age 34:

“I first met while looking for a general talk therapist. Initially talk therapy was our only modality; however, explained the many benefits of neurofeedback therapy for someone with anxiety and focus issues. Initially, the concept of neurofeedback therapy was foreign to me and I had my reservations, but I am so glad that I trusted her. While insight and proficiency in talk therapy helped me very much in my personal development, neurofeedback ended up being a complete life changing experience for me. I sincerely thank her for her continued support and the clarity she was able to give me. Her professionalism and her multi-faceted approach truly transformed and enhanced my life, and I am so grateful that we were able to work together.”

Male Neurofeedback Client Age 35:

“I first met at a networking event when she presented on neurofeedback. At the time, as a sales guy, I was suffering from, anger issues, depression and social anxiety, and it was really affecting my work and home life. I liked the natural/holistic approach to neurofeedback and was impressed by her knowledge on the subject. After my first visit I was ready to take on this type of treatment and decided to embark on neurofeedback, coupled with talk therapy. Now my social anxiety, anger issues and depression are gone, and the neurofeedback therapy has helped me be a calmer person overall, not flying off the handle at every little issue. This has made me a better salesman, but more importantly it’s made me a better father to my daughter. I have recommended to my friends and family, and I would encourage anyone looking for a natural permanent alternative to medication to visit with and find out more about neurofeedback therapy.”

Mother of a Male Neurofeedback Client Age 13:

“’s use of neurofeedback therapy treatment of our son’s ADHD was such a blessing. Our family had tried numerous alternative treatments to aid our son in managing his ADHD/ODD successfully. Nothing gave us the results that neurofeedback provided. Through the course of therapy he has been able to better manage his impulsive speech and behavior in both home and school settings. He is a stronger student and able to work more independently. He is able to express positive feelings more frequently and has a better sense of confidence. Thank you for explaining this treatment to us and giving our son the academic and social confidence he was lacking. It’s wonderful to see him begin to understand his own potential.”

Male Neurofeedback Client Age 25:

“Before coming to I always found myself walking through life never really knowing who I was. At a young age I was diagnosed with ADHD and I always assumed that was the root cause to a lot of my problems in life. It wasn’t until I was 25 that I realized there was something else going on for me, so I decided to look into therapy to see what I could find out about myself. After a few sessions with she discussed with me about Neurofeedback and the advantages it could have with someone like me. After receiving a brain map I was finally able to discover who I truly was and what was going on inside my brain. After received my results we were able to put a plan together to tackle my depression and learning disabilities. After Neurofeedback I finally felt like I had control of my life and it was the greatest feeling of accomplishment I have ever felt! Neurofeedback saved my life! Looking backing on it all, I have seen how much I have grown as a person and a student. I will always be grateful to and the AMAZING technology of Neurofeedback! Neurofeedback was an amazing part of my life that allowed me to become the person I knew I could truly be and I will always be thankful for it!”

Female Neurofeedback Client Age 22:

“When I first came to see for counseling, I was at a very low point in my life. I didn’t sleep well and I spent most of my days crying and depressed. I was stressed out to the max with events in my life and trying to find a way to deal with it. At that point, I wasn’t sure what could possibly help, but once we started with the neurofeedback, things began to get better. We got my sleeping pattern back on track and such a seemingly simple thing like having a good night’s sleep made a huge difference. After fixing my sleep schedule, we hit on the anxiety that plagued me and contributed to my low mood. I began to see positive changes in how I dealt with my anxiety and a lessened response when anxiety inducing situations occurred. I began to feel less moments of unexplained anxiety and felt more relaxed. We ended our time together working on symptoms of PMS that included high irritability, pain, and fatigue. Now I have much lighter symptoms that no longer affect my life in such a way as to make it unbearable to get through. Neurofeedback made a huge impact on my life and helped me to gain control of my own mind. I’ve felt better than I have in a very long time.”

Female Neurofeedback Client Age 18:

“I had always had a precursor for anxious behavior, but it hadn’t really expressed itself outwardly until after a traumatic event that occurred in my life about 3 years ago. At first, I was reluctant to admit that said experience had enough of an impact on my life that I should seek help. It was when a weight started settling on me mentally, preventing me from doing everyday tasks and performing in my work like I used to, that I decided to get help from . It was talk sessions at first, but when that did not fully help, suggested neurofeedback therapy. Reluctant once more, I went and got a brain map. This proved to be really helpful in putting into perspective what was going on in my head, and so we started my therapy afterwards. What was once a mind that constantly spewed out anything from anxious, hopeless, to downright demeaning thoughts about me, had become one that had learned to control the panic, the negativity, and raise my self-esteem. Life isn’t so weighty and difficult to deal with anymore, and I have and neurofeedback therapy to thank for it. Now I can finally look to the future knowing that I have the ability and potential to succeed at whatever I desire to pursue.”

Female Neurofeedback Client Age 32:

“I decided to do neurofeedback after many years of suffering with anxiety. I had tried talk therapy and used the coping strategies I learned, but anxiety continued to impair me at work and cause conflict in my personal relationships. Things are easier for me now after receiving neurofeedback. I am happier and more confident. I am able to handle situations instead of constantly feeling overwhelmed by them. I used to fear so many things and that is no longer the case. I don’t think I realized how bad my anxiety really was until I started to feel better and more in control. This feels like a completely different life. I wish I had done neurofeedback sooner.”